The 100% TICO souvenir in where the main owner is YOU!

La Gran Nicoya is a souvenir with more than 20 years in the market, our variety and support of 100% Costa Rican products are our main letter of presentation.

La Gran Nicoya & Tío Leo its a local family bussines, which have as the main reason support the local artist and that way keep the traditions of the local hand made and traditional crafting.

Welcome to La Gran Nicoya, in our souvenir you will find a wide variety of items to remember your visit to Costa Rica.

We have free parking, restaurant, liquor store, chocolateria, cafeteria and coffee roaster on site.

Our business hours are from 7am to 6pm continuous 7 days a week

House of "Café tío Leo"

Our carefully selected coffee from the plantations on the slopes of the Poás volcano gives it a unique aroma and flavor in its class. Arabica coffee beans processed by strict selection and fermented without any additional or preservative.

Don Leonarto (Uncle Leo) is an experienced coffee roaster who offers the option of being part of his coffee tour on site, he do love share with his visitors about his love of coffee and the whole process involved to prepare a first class quality coffee .

Café tío Leo booking & ordering shortcut

Order here café tío Leo

9usd Premium Regular 12usd Premium Peaberry

Roasted in site, fresh and delicious, packed and sends straight to your home or office.

Booking tour or class


Coffee tour (3 different schedules) Coffee roasting class (every hour) Cooking class (only on the rainy season)

Restaurant MENU will be here soon

liquor store

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